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Healthy Schools

Schools play an important role in supporting the health and wellbeing of young people, and in December of 2011 Key Stage 4 was accredited with having achieved it’s first year’s goals as a Healthy School.

Key Stage 4 has an elected school council,with representatives from each teaching group that plays an active role in setting, and working towards, our Healthy Schools targets.

[update]Our School Council have identified the following targets:

  1. To help young people who would like to stop smoking
  2. To encourage young people to eat a healthier diet
  3. To create an emotionally supportive school[/update]

Some of the practical ways in which we are working towards our targets are:

  • Having readily available drinking water in each of our classrooms
  • Replacing our tuck shop with a fruit selection
  • Having access to a Barnardo’s schools-based counsellor
  • Establishing a School Council so that pupils can get their voice heard
  • Embedding emotional literacy into our curriculum
  • Staff training on SEAL and ELSA courses